About Us

organic sugar scrubs, sugar scrub, body scrub, bath products, giftsSweet Skin was founded by Claire Beckett at the youthful age of 10. Claire had recently held a spa-themed party for several of her friends, and they made a batch of sugar scrubs. Some of her friends took the scrubs home and gave them to their moms. Not long after, she received requests for more scrubs, because their moms enjoyed them so much.

Claire immediately had the idea that making organic scrubs was a niche that had demand for a product she loved to make. So with the assistance of her dad (a retired finance/marketing executive) she began the process of starting her online venture.

The process of starting a business has been an excellent learning experience for Claire as she sifts through many aspects of entrepreneurism. In addition to researching and testing countless recipes for sugar scrubs, she has also learned many things, including website development, product name registration, tax ID#’s, sales tax rules and regulation, PayPal setup and much, much more.